The McRib we Love to Hate

Article 3 - mcrib

You know what sells ribs? Red and white — plaid, stripes, whatever. Just get it in there. You just need that color scheme, and in this case, of course, the usual too-attractive-to-actually-be-going to MacDonalds...


Apple Showing Signs of Change for 2015

Article 4 - macbook

Despite worldwide success with no signs of slowing down, I think Apple should change things up. Don’t get me wrong – I’m as intoxicated as the next unicycle-riding fellow – but it’s been the same stuff...


Are Humans the Earth’s Virus?

Article 6 - virus

As Agent Smith in The Matrix remarks, “Humans are a virus.” —and in many ways it’s true. We find ways to weasel into the smallest physical cracks, and the recesses of the mind. We invent and...


How Bing Flipped it on Google

Article 8 - Bing Overload

We all know Google. Google is a demigod in the matters of internet search (and many other areas.) They are the echelon algorithm savant child of 1.0 who emerged as head of the class....


Don’t be Fooled: This is not Clever

Article 9 - Crosstour

When I first saw this commercial for the 2011 Honda Crosstour I nearly punched the television. I’m an adult; I almost did it. This is language we’re talking about here. I get defensive over the medium which both...


Recycling as a Fear Mechanism

Article 10 - Karma Recycling

The message here from Encorp’s Return It is that if you don’t recycle, Karma will get you. By ‘get’ some of the depictions are: having a satellite crush you (shown here), being swarmed by a mob...