Despite worldwide success with no signs of slowing down Replica Handbags, I think Apple should change things up.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m as intoxicated as the next unicycle-riding fellow – but it’s been the same stuff for a while and things have gotten kind of bland vytorin price. Take the website for example: every time I go there now I pray it’s going to, you know, ‘think different,’ and somehow be different. They are the most successful computer company on the planet right now and they haven’t really altered their website other than the products in what must be going on three years. Eh… boring.

The same goes for a lot of other things. I don’t think I’m the first to notice this, but I think the stagnancy has gone largely unnoticed due to the insane success they are having. They are possibly afraid to even touch anything because of it. I don’t blame them, but at the same time, I have a short attention span.

So without further adieu, here are my suggestions:  

The Units: First of all, their whole aesthetic has a lot of leeway – it’s white, silver, and black – you can change things up quite a bit without going outside of those colors. What about black and white stripes? Vertical, horizontal. What about checkering? Imagine either on the bottom of the (return of the) white macbook. It’s on the bottom, so it’s not an eyesore, but when the bottom is exposed – hmm – what’s that under there? It is sort of like a suit jacket with a funky interior. You don’t see it, but when you do you’re reminded things don’t need to be so uniform all over.

Maybe some clear encasings? Apple’s architecture is brilliant — why not show it off a bit? Talk about reinventing the minimalist style.  

The Copy: It needs to get away from,
Having a sentence. Maybe another like this. And then,
A word.

The whole trick with this kind of copy is that it’s so simple that it works. The novelty Replica Handbags, however, has worn off. I think now that they have a significant number of people hooked with the current campaign, maybe they can switch to something a little more aggressive to drive sales from that stubborn remaining percentage of people who want an Apple, but don’t have the available money to feasibly afford it.

The new iGlasses provide you with the vision to see, and the ability to be.
Maybe sell your car if you don’t have the money. 
You’ll feel rich.

Sometimes you just have to strong-arm those people admiring from afar, too-aware of their financial standing. Or, Apple could keep everything the same and continue to enjoy their success. I guess they could do that Replica Handbags, too.

Anyways, speaking of Apple Fake Designer Bags, everyone is waiting for the iPad 3, or the iPhone 5. Not me. I’m waiting for the iWish. It is a lamp-shaped thing that literally grants one wish. Though, in internal publications I’ve heard that many people simply wish for another iWish. Not me, though. When I get mine I’m going to play it smart.


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