We all know Google.

Google is a demigod in the matters of internet search (and many other areas.) They are the echelon algorithm savant child of 1.0 who emerged as head of the class. Google is unstoppable in that efficient, polite, and ultimately uncategorizable way. When I picture that company in fifty years I envision this office made of light, hovering in the sky, inhabited by ascended beings who can wholesale nba jerseys link-build the human body back to health, or code qualitative happiness. Google doesn’t need to advertise because they are the internet.

Then there is Bing. From Microsoft.

Bing is the worst search engine I have used in the Sr. past seven or eight years. Maybe ever Check This Out. Who knows, the last time I used another one was seven or eight years ago. That’s the Google effect: it makes it so everything else is excruciating to use. The only reason Bing is even in discussion is because it’s Microsoft, and thus set, initially, to wholesale mlb jerseys every wholesale nfl jerseys PC.

So, the short of it is this: Bing does need wholesale nba jerseys to advertise.

That leads us to the problem. Most of it is good.

In this one they posit that getting more search results is as a bad thing. ‘Search Overload’ as they term it. Bing to the rescue with their we-know-best selected viewing. When you think about it what they are saying is nonsensical, as it’s not like Google really presents you with more information; it just draws from more, and better. The advertisement, however, is so amazing so you don’t not really think of about it.

Take a look (below) where they have teamed up with Facebook to present this ‘friends-based consensus’ style of displaying search results. It is an idea which, at first glance, seems pretty cool, and I’m sure the boys at Bing are hoping this will make a dent in their obsolescence. The idea is neat, and the end result as witnessed through the advertising campaign is pilys equally commendable. It’s engaging, thought-provoking, and looks amazing. I immediately started wholesale jerseys the draft of this after watching one of these commercials.

Now, am I going to use Bing? Obviously not.

I guess the obvious question here is: Do you want search results based on the preferences of your friends? Is that good? It’s not to put my friends down, necessarily, but I would rather have search results displayed to me based on my preferences, as data-mined from Google, through everything, instead of from Bing, through Facebook, as part of their short-term marketing blitz involving my acquaintances.

I’m not (fully) naive; Bing, Yahoo, etc, these sites exist for strategic reasons. To uphold that hipster ‘not Google’ ten percent area of the search engine market. Still, I can’t help but feel like these commercials are being wasted. The key feature is social media integration, and the majority of their users are old people viewing viral links from emails in Explorer.

Bing markets themselves as a ‘Decision Engine,’ which is kind of in line with the older generation demographic less exposed to computers. It could, for instance, take questions like ‘Why does the NYAC selector suddenly click the other program thing when I type?’ and return results like, ‘You meant: I am unknowingly hitting the touchpad on my new notebook while typing and selecting random application windows. I see your IP is on a machine which does not have a physical toggle, and Recycling that feature is not natively supported in Windows 7; judging from your vocabulary and syntax, you do not have the knowledge to operate PC drivers. You will need to contact someone you know. Directing you to Skype.’

Here. Try them out for fun.