You know what sells ribs? Red and white — plaid, stripes Replica Handbags, whatever. Just get it in there. You just need that color scheme, and in this case Replica Handbags, of course, the usual too-attractive-to-actually-be-going to MacDonalds casting of actors, and you have a recipe for ribs. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this McRib commercial.

Clearly the vast Pavlovian research McDonalds both conducts, and has access to, shows that the way to sell ribs is by using red and white plaid. There is really no other explanation. Every single frame of this commercial has red and white coloring in it.

Now that we’ve cracked this cryptic cypher we must ask ourselves one question: Does red and white – even when made conscious – elicit a craving for ribs? I don’t personally like ribs that much Replica Handbags, but I think it would if I did. It’s the whole family picnic time, try-those-ribs-cause-uncle-remis-shoves-a-plate-in-front-of-you color psychology. Because everyone eats their rib picnic on one of those red and white table covers. Just like everyone bears witness to a trail of ants playfully making off with pieces of the meal unpacked from an overly large wicker basket have a peek here.

In that archetypal, whatever comes out of that basket is going to be delicious.

Alright, let’s move on to my next point: this is so obvious/in-your-face that it’s supposed to be noticed. After all, it’s quite ostensible what is going on, so maybe this is some breaking the fourth wall approach where what would be more subconscious, background stuff is intentionally brought to the foreground as part of some marketing self-awareness tactic? It would be interesting if MacDonalds was playing around with something like that to me because as this website somewhat demonstrates I think the future of advertisement will/should be less about the subconscious tricks of Bernays Fake Designer Bags, and more about the conscious delights of discussion – less screaming and whispering; more talking.

Or is it so hard to sell ribs (at MacDonalds) that the only correlation towards doing so has to be repeated, loudly, literally as much as possible in every shot? Ribs… not a project I would want to take on, but MacDonalds does so successfully. I can’t wait for the new lineup of MacLobster advertisements.

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